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Oil Blocks
by Oilow


Know Your Oils

Display vertically or horizontally—your essential oil bottles stay put and you always see the labels. No need to pull them out to find what you are looking for. We use the blocks for personal use and for classes because we can display the oils beautifully and access what we want right away. No guessing which is which or reading a tiny label on the top of the bottle.

Save space

Displaying them vertically is great for tight spaces or for places where you need more room, like on your nightstand, next to your kitchen sink , or on your bathroom counter. When your oils are displayed this way you can always read the labels, encouraging you to use your oils more.

Unique to you

Each essential oil display is made from a unique piece of solid hardwood that’s been salvaged from the shipping industry. Unfortunately, due to tariffs on steel coming from Japan, these unique pieces of wood are in short supply. Pretty soon we’ll be switching over to other more commonly available hardwood. We don’t always know what type of wood we are working with when it comes to salvaged wood, so we offer a choice of light and dark hardwoods.

Find your blocks today.