Life's kinda funny

Levi and I are passionate about making things and having a really fun lifestyle. We recently moved to Sonoma County from SF and bought a house where we could chill out and he could have a workshop to make art, come up with new product ideas, and also craft things for our home. We've been collecting vintage appliances and looking for recycled materials so we could save a little money and do some good—that's when Levi came across some really beautiful reclaimed hardwood to use for making our own flooring.

I am a dōTERRA wellness advocate, and Levi and I have been talking about partnering up on a side project for a while when one day I asked him if he could make me an essential oil display out of some of the reclaimed wood. I never thought he would make something this cool (no offense babe)!

I posted a video on Instagram about how excited I was to have my new essential oil displays and we got an overwhelmingly positive response, so here we are.

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How it's made

We hand craft every essential oil display in Levi's workshop starting by straightening the rough and wonky boards and cleaning them up. Once all the boards are trued up, they need to air dry and climatize on a rack for a few months to make sure they don't twist and crack anymore after working the pieces. I actually don't have anything to do with this ;-).

After the boards are dry and ready for turning into displays, he cuts them to length and drills the holes. Finishing is done with a bit of sanding to a silky smooth texture and they're topped off with some beeswax and coconut oil, which is also great for cutting boards! Check out his Instagram for more pics.

Shipping them out

Levi makes all the essential oil displays in batches of 10-15, which means they are ready to ship out as soon as they are ordered. We ship everything either UPS Ground or USPS Priority Flat Rate with more options coming soon. :-)